Licensed Massage Therapist and Skin Care Specialist

Jamie Beverly-Bonilla

You WORK hard! You EXERCISE hard! You PLAY hard! You STUDY hard!

Are you giving your body what it deserves? In addition to a proper diet and regular exercise, your body requires de-stressing from time to time. We have taught our bodies to ignore daily stresses which accumulate over time. This accumulated stress can eventually appear as or manifest into chronic pain, headaches, reduced range of motion and possibly erratic and/or unpleasant moods.

Therapeutic massage is the perfect remedy. You owe it to yourself to rid your body of the excess stresses of life. YOU DESERVE IT !

Practice Information:

- Licensed in Florida since 2002

- Insured

- Member - American Massage Therapy Association

- Late appointments available with advance notice

- Vaccinated (COVID/Monkey Pox/Menengitis/Flu)

FL Massage - MA37012

FL Facial Specialist - FB 9770567

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